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How Can I Improve My Golf Swing  


With the new year almost upon us most golfers will be soon turning their minds to getting back out on the course. We are completely surrounded by a huge snow fall here in the UK but still I am thinking about one thing. How can I improve my golf swing. How can I change my swing to the state where I beat my friends on my local golf course? Here are some tips gleaned from my very patient golf coach that have helped me improve my swing over the last two years. 


Golf Swing And Distance 


Watching John Daly, Tiger Woods and other superb long hitters gives us amateur golfers the desire to hit the golf ball long distances. We all want to hit a ball and watch it fly off into the distance. And this is the first golf tip. Your long distance golf swing goals must increase in small steps. I remember playing a 4 ball where one of the players was playing off 6 handicap. His big advantage was reaching greens in 2 when I was taking 3 or 4 shots. This made me want to hit the golf ball the distance he did. 


Instead of trying to increase my distance gradually with the help of my coach, I just started swinging faster without control. The results were a disaster and I even missed the ball completely on a couple of occasions. Not very cool! The thing to do is to find a regular swing and then try to add 5 metres to it. Get those 5 extra metres safe and secure and then look to the next 5 metres.


Golf Swing Speed 


I have found that slowing down my golf swing brings back control over my golf shots. A second benefit is that I hit the sweet spot more often with the club and the ball travels further. This seems counter intuitive but it is definitely true. 

In the early days I had a painfully slow swing that had my golfing partners almost laughing. But while they were hitting and losing balls I was on the fairway. I was a bit further back in distance but they took more shots to reach the green. 


Golf Swing and Concentration


When it comes to your turn to hit off the tee there are always many distractions. If you are first to play this is even worse. You will set the standard for the hole with your drive. This gives you even more pressure. I have spent time developing a short five second drill that I use every time I am about to drive a ball off the tee.

I literally talk to myself under my breath. I tell myself to concentrate and look at the ball. Then I look at a specific point on the fairway that I want to get to. Then I return to addressing the ball. I imagine the club hitting the ball sweetly. This only takes a few seconds but at the end of them I am completely focussed on my shot.


So to improve your golf swing I recommend you slow down your swing speed and hit the ball accurately. You can then pile on the yards in the next year in 5 metre steps. 


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Sample Article 2

5Ways To Stop Bad Dog Breath  


Bad Dog Breath sounds like an amusing subject to joke about but in fact a dog's breath is a serious and reliable indicator of their overall health. The difficulty is that you can't discuss the dog breath problem with your dog directly, unless you are clever like Dr Doolittle. Before you rush off to the vet to have your dog diagnosed, try these 5 things to see if they are the cause of the problem. 


Fresh Water Every 12 hours 


If you are concerned about your dog's breath then the first thing to do is always replace the water in their drinking bowl. Do not allow them to drink anything other than fresh water. If you are really concerned use bottled water while you are trying to stop the bad breath. This should ensure that the dog's mouth is kept free of any bacteria that might start to grow in old water. 


Clean Your Dog’s Bowl 


Before every meal you should wash up your dog's eating bowl. Have a few bowls to use so that you can clear out old food from a bowl left on the floor and place the new food down straight away. I know some dog's will only eat from one “favourite” bowl, but if you have 3 or 4 of the same bowl they will never know. You might find that your dog prefers eating from an old bowl and will not eat quite so much in the first few days. Eventually their hunger will get the better of them. 


Change Your Dog's Diet 


It could be that your dog's digestive system is sensitive to an ingredient that you are regularly feeding it. This can take some experimentation but can result in an improvement to your dog breath problem. The regular culprits that cause bad breath are red meat and some vegetable mixes. Most proprietary dog food products will not cause a problem. It is mainly home produced dog food that can cause dog bad breath. 


Remove Tartar With Dog Chews 


Dog Chews will help to literally scrape tartar from your dog's teeth. You can buy special anti tartar chews specifically for this purpose. Don't look for flavoured ones as that will only hide the breath problem. You are trying to get rid of it. Any dog chew will help to remove tartar build up which might be the cause of your dog's bad breath. 


Clean Your Dog's Teeth And Gums 


You should use special dog brushes and cleaning toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste and brushes. Some dogs are very reluctant to allow this cleaning. You might need a second pair of strong hands for the first few times. Like everything, once a routine is established you will have no difficulty cleaning your dog's teeth. If you find that these home cures are not helping with your dog’s bad breath after a week then you will need to check with a vet that there is not a more serious problem.


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